Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Update about me

Last two weeks I had not this much time to play diablo 3 as I want (soccer European championship and other activities), but I could level my barbarian to lev 59 and will hit lev 60 very soon. I also started my Hardcore Barbarian. She is lev 16 and at the start of act 2 normal. It's very funny to play hardcore, as long as you don't die and loose your gear :) I rarely farmed with my demon hunter, only a few runs in inferno. I also started to play a monk with exploring the hole story and lore.

I started to buy / sell in the American Auction House. I leveld a wizard to lev 9 on the American Server and started with low capital like 20k gold in the auction house. I have already 500k gold, but I'm only trading with the same items all the time. I'm making 10k - 15k per auction. I don't have the time and the incentiv to invest more time into the American Auction House, so I will continue with my activity as I'm already doing and will slowly increase my gold stock. I will make an own post about this activity and try to give you a periodical update.

As I started to play Hardcore, I also started to play with the Hardcore Auction House. The demand of items is a little bit different. Items with Vitality and defensive stats has much more value also in low level range. Prices are higher, specially  for gems (amethyst). If I have more time I will write about my Hardcore adventure.

In the normal gold auction House I could make some good deals with less effort of time, but in the RMAH I wasn't successfully. Yesterday I sold my first item, after posting some garbage for 1,25€ (0,25€ after fees). The European RMAH market seems very different as the American. It's much more difficult to sell anything on the RMAH in Europe. I think this has some reasons. First of all the credit card isn't this common in Europe as in America. The ratio between supply and demand is in Europe higher then in America, so everyone tries to undercut the other. One reason for this is again how you can pay in the RMAH and because of this there is less money in circulation, which can be reinvested. Maybe in some weeks in the RMAH in Europe there will be much more sales then now, but to a very low price.
To make money in Europe seems for me very difficult with the time I have.

With the Patch 1.0.3 I'm not sure now, what I will do next, because there are so many possibilities. I want a good mf gear which is good enough to farm act 1 and act 2 or act 3 inferno, but I don't know now if I should invest into the Barbarian or the Demon Hunter, both make fun and are so different. Also I don't know now how the play the Barbarian. More defensive with Sword and Board or a big 2 Hand Weapon.

Here you can find the Patch Notes 1.0.3

Friday, June 8, 2012

DH Gold Find Guide Part VI - My GF Demon Hunter

This post is about my female Demon Hunter "May" in her gold find gear. It's all dyed with Purity Dye (color = white).

261% gf from gear

Helm 17
Gem 23
Shoulder 25
Chest 18
Gloves 23
Bracers 20
Belt 17
Pants 14
Boots 16
Quiver 18
Amulet 40
Ring 1 16
Ring 2 14
Total 261
Follower 15
Ferret Companion 10
Total 286
Nephalem Valor Buff 75
Total 361

I try to upgrade my pieces to get 300% gf, but only if I find some cheap and good items and furthermore I need one more item with gold pickup radius.

In following pic I missed my belt.

DH Gold Find Guide - Introduction

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Kripparrian killed Belial Inferno Hardcore

An amazing video from Kripparrian. He killed Belial solo on Inferno Hardcore with his Barbarian. Also the first part of the video, the fight against an elite pack (fire chains, health link, frozen, arcane enchanted) impressed me.
I hope I have some time soon to level my Barbarian. :-)

The fight against Belial were very controlled and he were never in danger to die. During the fight in phase 2 he also switched one skill. Ignore Pain was only used one or two times in phase 3 during the green meteor strike.

Frenzy - Sidearm
main attack

Furious Charge - Dreadnought
was only used one time in phase 2, but wasn't necessary. He switched this skill for Leap Iron Impact.

Leap - Iron Impact
great skill for this fight

Wrath of Berserke - Insanity
great damage boost

Ignore Pain - Iron Hide
additional oh shit button during green meteor strike

Revenge - Provocation
damage against summoned monsters and heal

War Cry - Impunity
armor and all resistance - must have for inferno

Tough as Nails

Nerves of Steel


Kripparrian's Build with Leap

How to kill Belial Inferno with a Demon Hunter

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DH Gold Find Guide Part V - Farming Area II

Dank Cellar - Sarkoth

By now this farming spot is very popular, but I want tell you again about it. As a ranged class you can do this runs with maximum gold find on Inferno difficult without stacking Nephalem Valor Buff before.

Get Checkpoint

1. Choose Quest - Act I Quest 2 - The Legacy of Cain - Explore Cellar - Inferno Difficulty
2. Take waypoint - The Old Ruins
3. Run to the west until you reach the Checkpoint

Start doing runs

1. Resume Game
2. Go to the West until the you reach the house
3. If the dank cellar is closed port back to town, leave and resume game.
4. If the dank cellar is opened, enter it and kill Sarkoth and his minions from range. Sarkoth won't attack you.
5. Pick up gold, magic/rare items and gems.
6. Port to town, leave and resume game.

3. Closed Dank Cellar

4. Opened Dank Cellar

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DH Gold Find Guide - Introduction

Friday, June 1, 2012

DH Gold Find Guide Part IV - Farming Area

One of the best farming areas for gold is act III, because of many big group of monsters, some very straight forward areas, some special caves with extra treasury goblins or resplendent chests.

We are doing our runs in Nightmare act III. There are 2 possibilities.
The long run (~1h 15min) starting quest: The Breaches Keep or the shorter one (~30min) starting quest: Siegebreaker. Both runs lasts until killing Azmodan.
In comparison of gold per hour they are very close, but the shorter seems to be better. I don't have enough time to make enough accurate tests.

A) starting quest: The Breaches Keep

I try to explore the hole map and killing as much monsters as possible. Sometimes you must travel a very long way back to explore all areas, but as a Demon Hunter with following skills we should not loose too much time. (Vault with Tumble, Preparation and Tactical Advantage)

If you explore all areas, then you will need about 1h 15 minutes.
With this gear (175% gf without Follower, Ferret Companion and Nephalem Valor Buff), 200.000 gold per hour is possible.

My current tracked record is 262.000 g / h with total 323% gf and 108% mf (224% gf and 33% mf on my own items). This run last 1 hour and 6 minutes.

I'm still working on improve my runs and many runs I don't track, because of this learning and improving process.
Theses gold values are from picked up gold + quest gold + gold from vendor for sold items.
Not including items, which are sold in the auction house. All items with no value for the auction house should be sold at the vendor.

B) starting quest: Siegebreaker

During your farm runs you come into the are Bridge of Korsik, there you can find the caverns of frost. Inside this cavern lev 2  there could be a named mob Chiltara. If you kill him, you will get the Gibbering Gemstone, which you need for crafting the Staff of Herding for the secret level.

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