Sunday, May 20, 2012

DH Gold Find Guide - Introduction

This Gold Find (gf) Guide is concerned with solo farming  in lower level areas like nightmare act 3 or easy spots in hell or inferno with a lev 60 Demon Hunter. The areas must be tested intensely to give a good comparison.

The goal is to get a very constant gold per hour ratio with gold find. This can be done as soon as you reach lev 60 with a very cheap item set. Sure you can also farm in hell, but for a fast and safe run you need much better items. If killing many monsters easily and farming for a longer period of time are fun for you, gold find runs are the right activity for you. I like it.

The strategy is to wear as much gold find as possible, find very fast 5 elite packs to stack the Nephalem Valor Buff to 75% gf and mf, and then kill many monsters for gold, elite packs and bosses for rare or better items. These items are not as valuable if you would do the same in hell or inferno, but in these areas you can wear more and cheaper gold find gear. Sometimes you will also find worthwile items for the auction house. All other items can be sold or salvaged.

One exception is an easy spot in inferno, there you don't stack any nephalem valor buff before. You will find it under part V of my guide.

In the following days I'm writing more parts of the guide.

DH Gold Find Guide Part I - Skills
DH Gold Find Guide Part I - Skills updated 
DH Gold Find Guide Part II - Equipment
DH Gold Find Guide Part III - Follower
DH Gold Find Guide Part IV - Farming Area
DH Gold Find Guide Part V - Farming Area II
DH Gold Find Guide Part VI - My GF Demon Hunter

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