Friday, May 25, 2012

DH Gold Find Guide Part III - Follower

We have the desicion between 3 Followers.
The main purpose for our follower is the gf.
You get 20% of your follower's mf and gf.

+ 4-5% more gf because he can wear a shield with gf
+ heal and steady hp regeneration
+ help in emergency or hatred regeneration

Scoundrel+ 3% crit

Enchantress+ 3% attack speed

I prefer the Templar, because of the gf and he is the best help in emergency situations.
3% crit or 3% attack speed isn't enough for me to take another follower for gf runs.

Follower Equipment
Amulet 18% gf
Ring1 12% gf
Ring2 12% gf
Shield 18% gf
=> 60% gf => 12% gf for you!

My templar has 71% gf, this makes 14% gf for me.
(Not really worth to buy expensive equipment for your follower!)

Weapon (One hand Axes, Daggers, Maces, Spears and Swords)
dps doesn't matter
give him any weapon you can find

Templar Relics
No gf or mf is available on this item slot, so equip anything you find on your way.

Follower Skills
Choose the skills you like. Under following link you find my preferences.

Follower Skill Calculator

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