Thursday, May 24, 2012

DH Gold Find Guide Part II - Equipment

We search for a very cheap gf gear for nightmare, hell is another topic.
For nightmare it's very easy, only gf matters on the items.

In higher difficulty, damage and life is more important to kill as fast as possible and not to die.
I must do myself some more testing in hell to have more detailed data.

gold find (gf) values are minimum requirements, which can be bought very cheap in the ah
increase gold and health globe pick up radius some more yards are useful, even if we have our ferrets

The most important item in our gf gear is the item without gf, our weapon.
only dps matter
bow or crossbow prefered, due to higher burst damage
for 30.000 gold you will get a bow with 600 - 700 dps (Server Europe, 24.5.2012)

10% gf
1 Socket
(difficult to find the right item in the ah, because also helms without gf and an emerald will show up)
We put an Flawless Square Emerald into the helm. This gives us 19% gf.
You must pay ~70.000 for a Perfect Square Emerald, which is only 2% more gf then the Flawless Square Emerald.

12% gf
Boots should also have movement speed. 12% preferred
(If you search in the ah don't put in a value for movement speed, it don't work or I'm doing it wrong.)

Helm 10%
Shoulder 13%
Chest 14%
Gloves 12%
Belt 13%
Wrists 12%
Pants 14%
Boots 12%
Amulet 18%
Ring1 12%
Ring2 12%
Quiver 14%
Flawless Square Emerald 19%
total 175%

I have 216% gf now from my gear, my next investment will be a better helm and better gem.

How does gf work?
If you would collect 50.000 gold with 0% gf,
you would collect 100.000 gold with 100% gf or
137.500 gold with 175% gf.

base gold amount x (1 + gf / 100)

50.000 x (1 + 100 / 100) =
50.000 x (1+ 1) =
50.000 x 2 = 100.00

How much is an increase of 1% gf worth if I have already 175% gf?
It depends how often and how long you farm.
The better question is how long must I farm to get an investmen for 1% more gf back?

This question is difficult to answer, because I don't have exact data.
We need the base gold amount for 1 hour farming with 0% gf, (also no nephalem valor buff).
I didn't have the time to test this, but my mathematical calculation leads to 50.000 - 70.000 base gold amount for 1 hour farming in nightmare. The highter the base gold amount, the better for us.

Example I
base gold amount: 50.000
investment 100.000
+ 1% gf

=> + 500 g / hour
=> 200 hours farming to get investment back

Example II (Radiant Square Emerald)
base gold amount: 50.000
investment 190.000 (if you craft it yourself)
+ 4% gf

=> + 2.000 g / hour
=> 95 hours farming to get investment back

Example III (realistic for starters)
base gold amount 50.000
investment 50.000
+ 5 gf

=>+ 2.500 g / hour
=> 20 hours farming to get investment back

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  1. when looking for gold fine stuff would you exclusively go for lvl 60 stuff or would you consider having lower level items that have more GF on them. the cheeper the inital out lay the better?

    i am talking about starting out gearing your char with a GF kit because obv you want a top notch one once you get going

  2. I find that with my 971 dps weapon and my quiver with 19% IAS and other nice stats, I'm able to gold farm Hell Act 1 with pretty minimal stats in other slots. If an elite is an issue, I run. Killing tons of regular mobs is more lucrative than killing a few elites, and death cuts into profits quick.