Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DH Gold Find Guide Part V - Farming Area II

Dank Cellar - Sarkoth

By now this farming spot is very popular, but I want tell you again about it. As a ranged class you can do this runs with maximum gold find on Inferno difficult without stacking Nephalem Valor Buff before.

Get Checkpoint

1. Choose Quest - Act I Quest 2 - The Legacy of Cain - Explore Cellar - Inferno Difficulty
2. Take waypoint - The Old Ruins
3. Run to the west until you reach the Checkpoint

Start doing runs

1. Resume Game
2. Go to the West until the you reach the house
3. If the dank cellar is closed port back to town, leave and resume game.
4. If the dank cellar is opened, enter it and kill Sarkoth and his minions from range. Sarkoth won't attack you.
5. Pick up gold, magic/rare items and gems.
6. Port to town, leave and resume game.

3. Closed Dank Cellar

4. Opened Dank Cellar

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  1. i will give a shot - how much GF do you for this run?

    1. use as much gf as possible, you don't need any other stats.
      also equip your follower with gf. if you are a demon hunter use your ferret companions.

    2. I am rolling with DH, I just killed Belial solo today and looking for good spots to farm some gold. What is gold per hour ratio for you there?

    3. Sorry I can't give you any accurate numbers for this run, because to give you some accurate I must do this for 1 hour minimum in succesion, because of bad luck.

      The dank cellar is opened 50-60% of the time.
      The key for successfull runs is to be very fast, one game should last about 30 seconds.

  2. This seems to have been nerfed today. I did about 20 runs and only found the cellar to be open 3 times. Yesterday it was almost always open.

    1. Can't confirm or deny this at the moment.
      But only 20 runs is not really significant.