Monday, May 21, 2012

DH Gold Find Guide Part I - Skills

In our skill selection we focus on aoe damage, mobility and hatred generation.
This following skill selection is for an easy area like nightmare act 3, 4 or hell act 1, 2.
For later difficulties like hell act 3,4 we need better gear and more damage and fight controling skills.

1 Hungering Arrow 
Only for hatred regeneration

If we only use Multishot as hatred spender, then we choose Puncturing Arrow (pierce 50%) for most single target damage against bosses.
Otherwise you should take Shatter Shot (split into 3 arrows) or Spray of Teeth (crit aoe explode)

2 Multishot
Our main skill. I use it against every group, also against elite packs.

Rune choice depends on your damage. If you can oneshot most groups, then take Fire at Will (reduce cost) otherwise Full Broadside (increase damage). A further option is to take Suppression Fire (hit grants 1 discipline), but then you can't use a second hatred spender and use Preparation instead.

3 Impale or Preparation
Now we have an option between an strong single target hatred spender or more hatred generation.

Impale with Impact (Stun) is very useful against elite packs or bosses if you are too weak like in hell act 3 or 4.  If you farm in nightmare Impale with Grievous Wounds (100% crit damage) is the better choice.

If you won't use a second hatred spender, because Multishot for normal monsters and elite packs and Hungering Arrow against bosses is enough you should take Preparation with Punishment (restore all hatred for 25 discipline).

4 Vault
Vault is very important to travel fast and on higher difficulty to kite. Tumble for lower costs or Rattling Roll (knockback and stun) as defensive ability.

5 Caltrops
In nightmare you don't need Caltrops for slowing and kiting, but with the rune Bait the Trap (10% crit) it's a very good damage increase against bosses. In hell you need Caltrops for kiting with Hooked Spines (80% movement speed) or Torturous Ground (immobilized 2 sec).

6 Companion
Last but not least our Ferret Companion (10% gf). Free and easy gf. Must have.

Passive Skills

For Nightmare I suggest following Passive Skills.
Tactical Advantage  faster traveling
Vengeance Hatred and Discipline regeneration
Archery more damage

In Hell I would change Vengeance against Sharpshooter for more burst damage. Tactical Advantage is important for kiting now and Archery increases damage.

Skill Calculator - Nightmare build with Impale
Skill Calculator - Nightmare build with Preparation
Skill Calculator - Hell build

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