Monday, March 12, 2012

Gold per Hour

I analyse the factors of influence to maximise gold per hour with gold find runs.

In the first part I derive the formula for gold per hour with all factors. Then I try to analysis the impact of all different factors, which are important for gold find builds.

Gold per Hour = Gold / Time

Gold = gold from monsters + gold from objects - repair costs

Gold from monsters = base gold drop * (1+gf / 100) * monsters who drop gold
Monsters who drop gold = killed monsters * A
A ... If every monster drop gold => A=1, if only 50% monsters drop gold A = 0,5

Gold from objects = base gold drop * (1+gf / 100) * objects who drop gold
Objects who drop gold = destroyed objects * B
B ... number of gold drops per object

Repair Costs = normal repair costs + exceptional repair costs for death

Time = monster time + object time + travel time + gold time + wasted time

monster time - time to kill a group of monsters

object time - time to destroy (open) objects

travel time - time to travel to a group of monsters or to objects
travel time = travel length / travel speed

gold time - time to pick up gold

wasted time = time for standing still (breaks) + death time + time to visit town

base gold drop
The base gold drop is dependant on monster level (mlvl), but we don't know the ratio between base gold drop and monster level, but this is very important.

killspeed for monsters
The killspeed for monsters is dependant of the mlvl, damage output of your charakter (offensive item stats), used skills and size of the monster group.

gf = gold find %
gf is a stat on your items and also some skills provide additional gf like the ferret companion for the demon hunter.

destroy (open) objects
How fast you can destroy objects is dependant of your skills. If you must aim every object manually you are slower else if you can destroy them with aoe skills (area of effects), like strafe for the demon hunter or ground stomp for the barbarian. This have a small impact on your time, but could be bothersome to destroy all objects manually.

It's very important to avoid every death, because you loose time to kill more monsters and money for repair costs. You can increase your survivability by wearing items with defensive stats and using defensive skills.

travel length
The travel lenght is determined by your farming route. It's essential to avoid dead end streets and run the same way twice. A straight forward area like first area in diablo2 act 5 or an area where you can farm in a circle are to prefer.

travel speed
Travel speed is influenced by your items (boots), which increase movement speed and skills which increase movement speed (like sprint for barbarian, tactical advantage for demon hunter) or which let you travel faster (like teleport for wizard, vault for demon hunter, leap attack for barbarian, tempest rush for monk).

time to pick up gold
The time to pick up gold can be reduced by items with gold pick up radius or as a demon hunter with  ferrets companion, which pick up the gold for you.

As you see all these factors are dependant to each other.
You must find a perfect farm location with less travel lenght and enough monsters.
Then you must decide on which difficult it's best to farm. Is it inferno, hell or nightmare?
If you farm inferno you need more defensive and offensive stats to kill the monsters fast enough and you can wear less gf and there is a risk to die, but if the base gold drop is high enough it could be the best solution. Or farming an area in nightmare with very high gf and only offensive stats and skills is maybe the better solution to get the most gold per hour.

Furthermore there must be calculated that the monsters also can drop valuable items on higher difficult, also if you have 0% mf.

If you farm solo, you have a reliable follower, if you want farm in a group, it must be organised to have advantages.

What do you think?


  1. Hi Tazeon,

    I think gold find runs are also dependent on item drops. Please don't forget the item drops which can be sold in the auction house for gold. I'm currently thinking magic find is more valuable than gold find to maximize gold per hour ratio. Do you think gold find is more important? Why?


  2. Hi Thomas,

    you are correct gold find runs also depend on item drops, but they are not predictable and in my analysis I want to find out that which other factors should be considered and that gf% is not all.

    Whether gold find or magic find is more valuable to maximzie gold per hour was not the question for me.

    I think I will do mf runs with a group and if I'm playing solo I prefer gf runs.

  3. I have a feeling getting as much both gold find and magic find (+ naturally all the farming synergies such as run speed, some gold pickup radius, etc) on one's gear and farming easy enough content will bring the best wealth gains.

    I hope this isn't the case though, and they've made the item drops get so much better the deeper to Inferno one plows his way to.