Thursday, May 10, 2012

Leveling team EMT

With the help of the diablo3goldsecrets forum I could find two other german speaking players, who were interested to level together. We formed a leveling group for the first two realease days.

I call our group EMT. Ernesto, Macr0s, Tazeon

Team EMT

Macr0s is playing a Barbarian, Ernesto is playing a Monk and I'm playing a Demon Hunter.

We are all mature and are interested to level fast, straight forward and skipping lore and videos. It seemed that I found two great players, which are informed about d3 gameplay and their class and have the same goal and same enthusiasm for diablo 3 as myself. Our goal is to level fast and efficient.

We will play together from Tuesday 15. Mai 00:00 until Wednesday 16. Mai 20:00.
These are 44 hours and we have 5 x 1 hour breaks for powernaps and eating, furthermore we will make short breaks for leaving the computer and longer town breaks for individual concern like auction house, leveling artisans or crafting.

Interviews with my team mates are coming before release and I will make a short live coverage about our progress.

Interview with Ernesto
Interview with Macr0

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