Saturday, May 12, 2012

Interview with Macr0s

My second interview partner is Macr0s. He plays the barbarian in my leveling team EMT.

Tell us something about yourself and your gaming experience?Hi my name is Thomas aka Macr0s.
I'm a professional Online Pokerplayer and Coach.
Macr0s Poker blog

My gaming experience is essentially limit to Diablo 2, after Diablo 2 i basicly quit gaming. But in Diablo 2 i was an avid gamer, i lived and breathed D2 for almost 3 years. From the beginning of D2 i was into PVP and as a result of that i founded the biggest German PVP Community and League AoW-PvP with a bunch of friends.

You decided to level in group for the first two days with less sleep. You don't even know the other two players. Why do you prefer this group over soloplay?
The reasons are basicly 5-fold.
1. It's a motivational factor, it's easier to not get distracted when you're needed in a group.
2. I presume its a lot more fun in a group.
3. My estimate is, in a group of good gamers it's a lot faster to level.
4. Its safer in a group and as a result of that we gain more gold than soloplayers.
5. D3 was designed as a multiplayer game.

Why you choose the Barbarian as your first class?
I enjoy being in the middle of the action. And i always had an affinity for the Barbarian, my favorite D2 PvP Chars was my Double Throw Allround Barb. One of the few Barbs able to kill basicly every other class.

Which skill you like most on the Barbarian?
If you hold a gun to my head and made me choose i would say Call of the Ancients. I was always a fan of the 3 Ancients.

Your group consider a Monk, a Demon Hunter and your Barbarian.
Which skills/runes/passive you will use to support the group?

The Barbarian is somewhat of a egoistical bastard, the only passive that benefits anyone in a group environment is Pound of Flesh for an increased Health Globe Rate. From a skill standpoint, crowd control in form of slow, if slow is not enough there are some more options like pull and stun. And obviously the BO substitute in D3 Invigorate plus if necessary one of the dam reducers.

Whats your estimation.
How many hours do your group need for normal?
Which level can you reach during your 39 hours leveling process?
At which point will your group wipe the first time?

I would guesstimate 5 hours for normal.
Level 55-60 over the 39 hours.
I hope never at least the whole group, the first rip from one of us i would guess will be around act 3 nm.

After your first leveling adventure, when will you finish to lev 60,
if you don't reach lev 60 during 39 hours?

I guess Sunday. The days after our long session are full with very important poker tournaments.

What are you next plans in diablo 3 after lev 60?
Making lots of money on the auction house and farming inferno.
Your group planned 5x 1 hour breaks for sleep and eating.

You have experience with powernaps. Can you tell us something about it?
What are the advantages? Isn't there a risk you don't wake up again?

Good question, i tried the uperman sleep schedule for a month. As long as you don't have any social engagement that interfere with your schedule ist quite easy to maintain. But if you miss out on one of your naps you're going to suffer hugely. Regarding problems to wake up, within the 30mins you don't get into the deep sleep phase so you will definatly wake up when your alarm rings. If you get up when you turned off the alarm, that's another question.

You want tell us more?
No, you covered everything interesting and noteworthy.

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