Friday, May 11, 2012

Interview with Ernesto

My first interview partner is Ernesto. He plays the monk in my leveling team EMT.

Tell us something about yourself and your gaming experience?
Hi. I'm 27, live in Salzburg, Austria and work as a mathematician for the local government. Good payment, safe job, flexible working hours, what you want more as a gamer? The first game series I played extensively were Age of Empires and Diablo. My online gaming career started with WoW, playing from 2005 until last year. And that's it. I didn't play many different games. But these games I played many, many hours.
I'll play the monk in our group.

You decided to level in group for the first two days with less sleep.
You don't even know the other two players. Why do you prefer this group over soloplay?

I don't prefer group play over solo play. Actually, I'm more the solo player. But I like the challenge. And group play is definitely much more challanging than playing solo. And I know everthing about the other two players that I need to know. Many friends of mine who will play Diablo 3 have other goals than me... or no goals. But I know that we are three players with the same goals. And that rises the excitement massively.

What are the advantages of groupplay over soloplay?
Let's start with the great disadvantages: dependence and the need for communication. I don't like to be dependent to other players when it's not needed (unlike in WoW). But we arranged that. We set us goals, we clarified everything that can be clarified in advance.
Now to the advantages. Every class was made to finish the content solo. But I think, the strength of each class can be shown in group play. Like in our group. The barb is of course the punching bag, while the dh blows waves of aoe damage over the legions of the burning hells. I'll take the supporting part. Slowing, healing, striking. And we can motivate each other. Get more items we can share to push each other.

You decided to play a Monk. What do you like?
I always prefered melee combat in these type of games. Not the brutal version, but rather supported by magical and healing skills. I was a shaman in WoW from the beginning to the end. So I fell in love with the monk as soon as I heard of this class. I like the way he fights, that he tries to avoid damage rather than just eat it.

Your group consider a Barbarian, a Demon Hunter and your Monk.
Which skills/runes/passive you will use to support the group?
 To support the group as mentioned, I'll use
- Crippling wave - Concussion as Spirit Gen - slowing enemies and reducing their damage
- Breath of Heaven - Circle of Life, the strongest heal skill ingame
- Inner Sanctuary - Safe Haven, a protecting and healing circle, for the exciting moments
- Mantra of Conviction - Overawe, for more BUMMMM.
- Passives: Resolve - to reduce enemies damage
The use of other skills depends on the content and the difficulty.

Whats your estimation.
How many hours do your group need for normal?
Which level can you reach during your 39 hours leveling process?
At which point will your group wipe the first time?
Puh, very hard to say. When official announcement told 15-20 hours with moderate speed for Normal, than I expect maybe around 12-14 hours for finishing Normal. On that assumption, I think we'll reach lvl 45-50.
To be honest, I think our first wipe will be very early, maybe even on Skeleton King, if they tuned him after Beta. Simply because in the first levels, we're not used to each other's style of game play.

After your first leveling adventure, when will you finish to lev 60, if you don't reach lev 60?
As soon as possible. I hope, before Bayern Munich wins the Champions League final. 

What are you next plans in diablo 3 after Monk lev 60?
Have success playing the auction houses. And Inferno, of course.
My second char will be a witch doctor, as I was thrilled by the play style.

You want tell us more?
Although my goals are leveling as fast as possible and therefore getting an advantage in making some gold and money, my primary goal is having fun. That's why a play at least. And without having fun, all other goals will become worthless. That should be everybody's main focus.
Cheers, Ernesto.

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