Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Big Barbarian Guide - Overview

I'm not a big fan of ww/sprint builds, so I tried many different skills to have fun and be efficient.

This is an overview post, where I will link to all my different mini barbarian guides.

WW / RLTW (Tornado) Basic Guide

Keyfarmer on high Monster Power - Part I
Keyfarmer on high Monster Power - Part II

Uberboss Stun Build

Uberboss Damage Build

Cleave Blow Up Barbarian - fast solo farm build for low Monster Power

Thunder Barbarian (HotA) - fast solo farm build for low Monster Power


  1. Hey, willing to see other 3 builds here :)
    I guess those wont be WW/sprint builds? :)) <3

    1. no they aren't ww/sprint builds.

      uberboss damage build is a standard hota build
      cleave blow is a cleave build with rune rupture
      and they other fast solo farm build is also a hota build

      I hope i have enough time next week to publish one of them soon.