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WW / RLTW (Tornado) Basic Guide

There are many players who want to play ww/rltw and don't know the basic about this very popular spec. This guide will help you to learn the basics behind this playstyle.

How does this build work?
We generate fury with critical hits with Battle Rage (Into the Fray).
Further for the start and for situations if we have 0 rage we use bash to generate enough fury.
We should use sprint everytime. With the rune Rune like the Wind (RLTW)  we create tornados behind us. Tornados are the main source for our damage.
We can do the maximum damage with Tornados if we can create them in the middle of a group of monsters and therefore we use Wirlwind (WW) with rune Hurricane.

Skill Calculator

The last skill is free for Overpower or War Cry, depneding on what you need.
War Cry - Impunity
Overpower - Crushing Advance
Overpower - Killing Spree
Overpower - Momentum

The last passive skill is also free. Bloodthirst or Unforgiving are the most common 3rd passives.

To make this build work on your favour you must play aggressive with no breaks You must spending your fury, that you can generate new fury which is important to maintain Wrath of the Berserker (WotB), but at the end of the fight you should have a full fury bar to sprint to the next group of monsterst and to start whirl around.

As already mentioned our main source for our damage are Tornados.

Tornadoes do 20% main hand weapon damage per tick.
When dual-wielding, tornado tick frequency depends on the attacks per second (aps) of the last weapon swing before using Sprint.
This means only the mainhand dps is important. We can use offhands with very low dps.
We only use our offhand for bash or ww and we only use this skill to generate fury or to positon our tornados.

Further information about our Tornados.

Charakter screeen dps is never important if you play ww/rltw. You must use a tool like this.

Profile Import
Skill Damage

Then you get this:

Note this dps.
Then change your gear in the calculator. Calculate again and compare it with your current dps.

Weapon choices
There are 3 different weapon choices for mainhand (MH) and offhand (OH).
Echoing Fury is a very good weapon, because of the additional attacks per second, but if you wear it in your mainhand it must have low fear or you loose too much real damage, which isn't shown in any calculation. Also a Stone of Jordan with cold damage helps to negate the fear effect.

1. MH: Echoing Fury + OH: fast weapon
Echoing Fury with high dps, low fear and socket, (if you can afford with strength and critical hit damage or ls)
Fast weapon (dagger) with loh or ls, critical hit damage, socket.

2. MH: mace + OH: Echoing Fury
Mace with very high dps and socket
Echoing Fury with socket and critical hit damage or ls and with high +attacks per second (0,25 aps is maximum)

3. MH: mace + OH: fast weapon
Mace with very high dps and socket
Fast weapon (dagger) with loh or ls, critical hit damage, socket.

How to get life back? Lifesteal (LS) or Life on Hit (LoH)
Lifesteal is dependant on your damage.
Life on Hit is dependant on your amount of attacks.

This means with low damage you should focus on LoH on your gear and with higher damage LS works better.

A good guide for this you can find here or use

Critical hit chance
Critical hit chance is the most important stat. Without this, this build can't work.

Many people believe with 24% movementspeed (ms) you will spawn a 5th Tornado, but this is not guaranteed. A 5th Tornado can spawn with 0% ms and it can also fail to spawn with 24% ms and wotb up.

But movementspeed is one of the most important stats for farming. Therefore I recommend it.
How you get 24% ms, you find here.

Pickup Radius
Because if we can't loose to much time with traveling back to pick up gold, there are only 2 solutions. We let the gold on the ground or we have a higher pickup radius.

Barbarian Guide Overview

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