Monday, March 5, 2012

Followers overview

In Diablo 2 there were mercenaries and now in Diablo 3 we have followers.

Followers are only in solo play available.

They should be an assistance for solo play. They have a great impact for solo farming runs, because:
  •  you can rely on your follower and so you can configure your tactic on the follower's skills.
  •  you get 20% of your follower's mf, gf and +xp. (source)

There are 3 different followers:

The templar are holy warriors. His key features are defensive fighting (tanking), healing and recovery and holy justice.

The scoundrel fight with ranged weapons. His key features are ranged killing, disabling shots and attack boosts.

The enchnatress use magic to protect there allies and to do damage. Her key features are debilitating magic, arcane blasts and supportive spells.
During the play through you get quests to acces the followers. You can have all 3 of them, but you must decide which of them should fight with you, the others stay in town.  

You must equip your follower with items. There look doesn't change with the equiped items only with the level of the follower.

Every follower have 8 differnt skills, but can only have 4 of them. For every stage you must decide for one of two available skills.

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