Friday, May 2, 2014

How to powerlevel your own heroes without boosting from others?

With this method of power leveling you don't need someone who must waist their time to boost you, but you will need someone other. The big difference for the other player is, he will get rewarded for helping you with gold and xp. If you read already my blog, you know which run we will do.


1. You need a lev 70 hero, who can do T6 Bounty Act 4 (Clear the Hell Rift)
As I recommend in the guide a ranged hero is preferred and it is also doable with medicore gear.

2. level your hero to lev 5+.

3. Find someone who needs gold or / and xp. This player must not be geared very well.

4. Provide the player all information about Hell Rift Farming T6  or sent him this link to the guide.

Your Powerleveling starts now:

1. You open a T6 adventure game with your lev 70 hero and look for the act 4 bounty "Clear the Hell Rift".

2. If you find a game kill all except 1-5 monsters.

3. Invite the other player and wait until he ported to you.

4. You port to town, leave the game, switch your hero to your leveling hero and join the resuming game. The other player must wait.

5.  After you joined the game and ported to the other player, he can kill all remaining monsters and finish the bounty.

(If your partner is geared enough, he can try the cursed chest and hope for the white monsters.)

6. Repeat until lev 70

Current Play Time: 1 Hour 9 Minutes, but this char was also used for storing items.

Your hero will get a high amount of experience per run and level very fast.
At low level you will get 4 level per run, above 64 you only get 1 level per run.

I leveled my crusader, witch doctor and 2nd monk with this method, but I forgot to count the number of runs. I did some math and it will be less then 25 runs to level from lev 5 to lev 70.

During the time you search and prepare a game, I recommend that you partner don't waste his time. The best thing he can do is farming legendary crafting materials.

Following Guides for farming legendary crafting materials provide this blog:
Shard of Entsteig Plate (Aughild's Authority Set)
Born Key (Born's Command Set)

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