Saturday, May 10, 2014

How I start to playing a new hero?

I will start soon to play a new hero, a crusader.
I like the process to get a very good starting equipment and planing around this equipment and skills and only start to play the hero after I have good gear.

1. Level your hero to lev 70 - done
I used this method.

2. Choose a skill combination and get as most information about it. - done
Are there any important items to have? How to play? What stats on gear do I need?...

I read about the Lightning Hammerdin and I sounds very nice and after I get a Schaefer's Hammer which is a very powerful item for this build, I decided to start soon.

3. You decide to start to get equipment and spent your gold, gemts and crafting materials for your new hero. - done

4. Make a list of all items you have/need and which sets you want to craft an with which stats on it. - done

Because I allready had a Schaefer'S Hammer and a good dexterityThundergod's Vigor, which I don't need for my monk and where I can reroll dexterity to strength, I had a good starting point to work around.

The X in the first column means I have this item. The green color means it's good and I must not care about this slot longer. Blue means it's okay, but maybe later I try to get an upgrade or if I don't know what to do or bored from some other activity.

In the 2nd column, the red color means, if I get these Items I won't have much influence on the stats.

I have a Schaefer's Hammer with 13% Lightning Damage (15% max) with Vitality and a Socket. I rerolled the damage near max. Furthermore I have a Thundergod's Vigor with 15% Lightning Damage (15% max) with Strength, Vitality and All Resistance. I rerolled to max Strength, which was lucky.

I allready crafted a Piro Marella and got 9,5% Crit (10% max), low Strength, Vitality and enchanted a useless stat after many tries into 10% Blessed Hammer (15% max). The % Blessed Hammer Damage and Strength is very low and maybe I try later to craft / enchant a better one.

I farmed Normal Act1 Bounties in Split groups with my barbarian for the Ring of Royal Grandeur. Now I have one, which is very important. Maybe I try to get a better one, if I want to play my barbarian. As random stat I got a socket and then rerolled Life on Hit to Crit Damage.

5. Get every item one by one or farm first all crafting materials and then start to craft and enchant- in process

I allready got 2 Items. I got Ring of Royal Grandeur and crafted the Crusader Shield Piro Marella. For the Piro Marella you need Woven Plate, which I got some during my act 1 split bounty runs.

It can take very long to get the Ring of Royal Grandeur. If you have one from another hero, which you can use, it's a good start, but if you want have one with your core stat (ex. Strength) then you must farm it with a Strength Class. So maybe you have another Hero or wait until your new hero is equipped and then start to farm.

X. Which items / materials do I need to for crafting and enchanting?

Forgotten Souls
If you don't have a high amount on stock, you must farm Forgotten Souls.
You can get them from destroying useless Legendary Items or from Rift Bosses.
I would calculate 10-15 Forgotten Souls per crafted Slot for crafting and enchanting. You will get back some Forgotten Souls from destroying the bad crafted items, but you will need them for enchanting, so 10-15 is a good number, depending on your luck.

It depends with which quality of gem you are satisfied. For me it's only the maximum quality (Flawless Royal Gems). Therefore you need marquise or imperial gems and gold.

Marquise or imperial gems you will get from playing the game or from bounty bags.

You need gold for crafting gems and enchanting your items by your mystic. For every Flawless Royal Gem you can count 10 mio gold. For calculation the gold cost for enchanting it really depends on your luck, but 2 million per crafted item should be for a start enough.

I farm my gold with my demon hunter doing T6 Hell Rift Runs.

Legendary Set Crafting Materials for alls Crafting Sets
How you can farm it, you can find it here.
I would farm 3-5 Legendary Set Craftign Materials for every crafted slot. If you are unlucky or want better stats you will need more.

Legendary Crafting Materials such as Woven Plate for Piro Marella

White Ascended Items for Crafting Sets
For crafting Legendary Set Items you need white Ascended Items. Pick them up and store them for later use. There is also a rift level where you can get many white Items or there are vendors for white items.

Normal ROS Crafting Items (Reusable Parts, Arcane Dust, Veiled Crystal, Death Breath's)
If you pick up every blue and yellow item by playing the game or farming all other materials, which you need you will have enough of these crafting items.

I'm lacking Forgotten Souls and all other materials are no problems to farm, so therefore I will start to do many rifts in the next days. I will aim for 100 Forgotten Souls and then start to craft and farm all other items.

I will give some updades about my crafted gear and my crusader.


  1. your table image is too small ...

  2. I think that you should have rerolled VIT for %DMG, instead of damage on your hammer...