Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Farming Essence of Twin Seas for Captain Crimsons Trimmings Set

Essence of Twin Seas is used for Captain Crimsons Trimmings Set
This legendary crafting material is hard farmable, because there is only one bounty, which occurs very rarely.

There is only one bounty, which is worth to farm it and this bounty is very very very rare, so I suggest to farm this legendary crafting material in a group.

Act 2 - Howling Plateau / Black Canyon Mines - Kill Razormouth

1. Start an adventure game as highest torment level as possible.

2. Look for the act2 bounty Kill Razormouth (Howling Plateau).

3. If you found it, then invite your friends.

4. Take the waypoint to the Howling Plateau and run north to the Black Canyon Mines, where you will find Razormouth.

5. Kill him.

Good look finding this bounty.


  1. I like you post, so keep the good work going.

    But can you please add some information about the sets items (not just the names), that you are farming for. Would help a lot for the consideration, if the time spend is worth the outcome. When I read those posts, I have no access to pages, that may have those information. So for the completness it would be good if you give a quick overview.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. There are some articles planned for all crafting sets and short analysis about them, but this will take some time. (minimum a week I think)

      some short words about: Captain Crimsons Set

      You can craft Belt, Pants, and Boots.

      Set Bonus:
      (2) 2000 life per second
      (2) 10% cooldown red.
      (3) 10% resource cost red.
      (3) +50 All Resistance

      These crafting material is very hard to farm and therefore I only recommend to craft these items if you take a hugh advantage from the set bonus. Furthermore you should use the Ring o Royal Grandeur (bounty Act 1).

      If your build take advantage from resource cost reduction and / or cooldown reduction then craft 2 set items. I wear it with my Fire Cluster Arrow Demon Hunter.

  2. You can find a rare monster in the city sewers too: it is the same monster that drops the murloc amulet. Is not too hard to check if it is there, worth a try ;-)
    Check this link for further informations about it:

  3. Thank you for the fast answer. Take your time. We are in no hurry .-)

    The Royal ring is a must have, with all those good sets out there. Based on my reciepts I have started with Aughilds- and Cain sets. Both have 3 set bonus, which makes them very benficial with the ring.

    Aughilds for the 15% elite damge, and Cain for the Magic find. Still i am unsure if this is any usefull.

    Ofc, I will looking for the class sets, but that will take forever. Blackthorn looks also nice, but all the drops never had any Primary stats, A pitty.