Thursday, April 24, 2014


Since my last post I played a lot D3.
I started with my Barbarian and leveled all my other lev 60 charakters (Monk, Demon Hunter, 2nd Barbarian and Wizard) to lev 70. After trying some different skill combination with the warrior, I weren't really satifsfied. The most common skill combinations didn't make fun with bad (starter) gear and some other skill combination are not this effectiv. So I decided to play my monk. For me it makes more fun and in the meanwhile I have good gear. I play a very common lightning build or sometimes with many ranged on higher torment level as a tank pull monk.

My Lightning Monk Skills

My Tank Pull Monk Skills

After I gambled a Cindercoat with Dexterity and for variation I play more often my Demon Hunter.
I'm playing a Cluster Arrow Fire build. I'm doing Normal Split Bounty runs and farming Gold and XP with my Demon Hunter. As long as Hell Rift Runs are viable on high torment I will spent more time in farming gold and XP. How this work you can find in the internet or in some days in my blog.

The advantage to play a monk and a demon hunter are that I can share many good items. Now I'm starting to craft 3 pieces of the Asheara Set and 2 pieces from the Captain Crimson Set for my Demon Hunter to optimize my gold runs.

Now my Demon Hunter is again a Gold Find Charakter, only difference is the gold come from bounties and not from monsters. In memory at the start of D3 my old DH gold find guide, which didn't worked very long and with usage of the Auction House not effective then playing a trader.

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