Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tazeon Diablo 3 Blog is now back again!

I started to play on the weekend and my short conclusion. This game makes fun again.
Leveling to 70 goes fast and if you don't spent all your freetime with diablo3 you will be happy for a long time with d3 ros, because there is so much todo.

Therefore I don't spent all my computer time with d3 ros.

I started to level my barbarian to lev 70 with the act5 campaign mode. Nothing special with the campaign which amazed me. Now I'm playing the adventure mode on very low difficult. If you don't have good gear it real is funny to find new items and get sometimes improvement in a very short period of time.

I'm playing an unusal skill combination, but if I have fun and can kill monsters without slow my group to much down, it's okay for me. My first goal with the barbarian is to get gear that I can play Torment I solo with the skills I like. Then I will level other charakters or test the crusader.

My first guide will be a starter guide - whats usful to craft and farm at the start to get an acceptable equipment. Because there are so many different things to do like bounty runs, rifts, ros hellfire ring, campaign, crafting, enchanting,...

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