Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hell Rift Farming T6 - Gold & XP

This short guide provide all necessary informations about one of the best possibilities to farm Gold & XP.

We are doing the Act IV Bounty "Clear the Hell Rift" and therefore this run is called Hell Rift Farming.

Maybe this bounty will get nerfed soon.

This can be done on a moderate geared range class on Torment VI. (or you do it on Torment V if you don't feel confident). If you do it in a group and you are more efficient.

You open a game until you get this bounty. If you do this in a group, everyone open a game for themselves and the player who find the bounty first, invites the other one.

Take the WP to Hell Rift level 1, ignore all monsters and run straight to the portal to level 2. You can use teleport as wizard or vault or smoke screen as demon hunter. Illusory Boots (act2 bounty reward) can also help to run through monsters. They have the bonus "You may move unhindered through enemies".

After you arrive in Hell Rift level 2 you kill all monsters. There are no elites, but sometimes there spawn a rare monster, but with some kiting and practice they are no problems.

You reward for completing these fast bounty you get

421.770 gold and 65.569.000 XP

Additional Reward - Cursed Chest

Sometimes you will find a cursed chest. My suggestion is to open these after you complete the bounty. If you are lucky, you must only kill some normal monsters, if not you must kill an elite group. Then I would run away and port to town. For the cursed chest you get an additional reward.

200.770 gold and 24.650.000 XP

Last tip:
Try to do it in a group, you are more efficient in searching for the bounty and kill monsters faster. Only take range classes. Their gear must not be very good, if they optimize their skills for this short run. If they people, don't know how to run, then you can link them to this guide.

Soon I will provide a further short guide who to skill and equip a demon hunter to do this run.

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