Sunday, April 27, 2014

Farming Shard of Entsteig Plate for Aughild's Authority Set

Shard of Entsteig Plate is used for Aughild's Authority Set

This item drop by rare Enraged Phantom. You can farm this through following Bounties:

Act 1 - The Festering Woods - Feklar's Ghost
Act 1 - The Festering Woods - Hawthrone Gable
Act 1 - Cemetry of the Forsaken - Matriach Bones

Act 2 - Dahlgur Oasis - Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab
Act 2 - Archives of Zolten Kulle - The Archivist
Act 2 - Archives of Zolten Kulle - The Tomekeeper

Some example pictures below:

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