Sunday, April 27, 2014

Farming Shard of Entsteig Plate for Aughild's Authority Set

Shard of Entsteig Plate is used for Aughild's Authority Set

This item drop by rare Enraged Phantom. You can farm this through following Bounties:

Act 1 - The Festering Woods - Feklar's Ghost
Act 1 - The Festering Woods - Hawthrone Gable
Act 1 - Cemetry of the Forsaken - Matriach Bones

Act 2 - Dahlgur Oasis - Lost Treasure of Khan Dakab
Act 2 - Archives of Zolten Kulle - The Archivist
Act 2 - Archives of Zolten Kulle - The Tomekeeper

Some example pictures below:

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hell Rift Farming T6 - Gold & XP

This short guide provide all necessary informations about one of the best possibilities to farm Gold & XP.

We are doing the Act IV Bounty "Clear the Hell Rift" and therefore this run is called Hell Rift Farming.

Maybe this bounty will get nerfed soon.

This can be done on a moderate geared range class on Torment VI. (or you do it on Torment V if you don't feel confident). If you do it in a group and you are more efficient.

You open a game until you get this bounty. If you do this in a group, everyone open a game for themselves and the player who find the bounty first, invites the other one.

Take the WP to Hell Rift level 1, ignore all monsters and run straight to the portal to level 2. You can use teleport as wizard or vault or smoke screen as demon hunter. Illusory Boots (act2 bounty reward) can also help to run through monsters. They have the bonus "You may move unhindered through enemies".

After you arrive in Hell Rift level 2 you kill all monsters. There are no elites, but sometimes there spawn a rare monster, but with some kiting and practice they are no problems.

You reward for completing these fast bounty you get

421.770 gold and 65.569.000 XP

Additional Reward - Cursed Chest

Sometimes you will find a cursed chest. My suggestion is to open these after you complete the bounty. If you are lucky, you must only kill some normal monsters, if not you must kill an elite group. Then I would run away and port to town. For the cursed chest you get an additional reward.

200.770 gold and 24.650.000 XP

Last tip:
Try to do it in a group, you are more efficient in searching for the bounty and kill monsters faster. Only take range classes. Their gear must not be very good, if they optimize their skills for this short run. If they people, don't know how to run, then you can link them to this guide.

Soon I will provide a further short guide who to skill and equip a demon hunter to do this run.

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Since my last post I played a lot D3.
I started with my Barbarian and leveled all my other lev 60 charakters (Monk, Demon Hunter, 2nd Barbarian and Wizard) to lev 70. After trying some different skill combination with the warrior, I weren't really satifsfied. The most common skill combinations didn't make fun with bad (starter) gear and some other skill combination are not this effectiv. So I decided to play my monk. For me it makes more fun and in the meanwhile I have good gear. I play a very common lightning build or sometimes with many ranged on higher torment level as a tank pull monk.

My Lightning Monk Skills

My Tank Pull Monk Skills

After I gambled a Cindercoat with Dexterity and for variation I play more often my Demon Hunter.
I'm playing a Cluster Arrow Fire build. I'm doing Normal Split Bounty runs and farming Gold and XP with my Demon Hunter. As long as Hell Rift Runs are viable on high torment I will spent more time in farming gold and XP. How this work you can find in the internet or in some days in my blog.

The advantage to play a monk and a demon hunter are that I can share many good items. Now I'm starting to craft 3 pieces of the Asheara Set and 2 pieces from the Captain Crimson Set for my Demon Hunter to optimize my gold runs.

Now my Demon Hunter is again a Gold Find Charakter, only difference is the gold come from bounties and not from monsters. In memory at the start of D3 my old DH gold find guide, which didn't worked very long and with usage of the Auction House not effective then playing a trader.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gem price - How much cost a Flawless Royal gem?

With ROS there are 4 new gem qualities (Imperial, Flawless Imperial, Royal, Flawless Royal) and one new gem sort (Diamonds).

If you are lev 61+ the regular gem drop quality are Marquise gems. If you play difficulty Master or higher you also have a chance that a gem of Imperial quality drop. (see here)

Benefits of gems

With the jeweler you can upgrade your gems.  You need 3 gems of same quality and sort, gold and for the Royal and Flawless Royal gems you also need 1 Death Breath's, but I will ignore these, because if you are allready upgrading your gems you should have enough Death Breath's.

Through leveling your Jeweler you learn the recipes to upgrade to Imperial and Flawless Imperial gems. For Royal and Flawless Royal gems you must find the design.

How much cost a Flawless Royal gem?

1 Flawless Royal gem cost 81 Marquise gems and 9,8 million gold .


1 Flawless Royal gem cost 27 Imperial gems and 4,4 million gold.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

D3 ROS Difficulty

With Reaper of Souls (a patch before release) the Difficulty Level changed.

There is no more Normal, Nightmare, Hell or Inferno.


Therefore we have new levels.

Torment I-VI

My maingoal is to play as soon as possible at Torment I.
There I have a chance of the new legendary and for imperial gems.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to start D3 ROS? - Guide

I assume you have a lev 60 hero and a minimum of 5 million gold.

This guide is for freh lev60 ROS starters, who don't have much luck in the first few playing hours and need a good lev70 starting wepaon. If you are lucky in the first few hours at level 60 and firnd some good weapon (better then mine which I posted at the end of the guide) then you can skip this guide.

1. play the campaign act 5 and lev to 70.
You should pick up every item and salvage it at the blacksmith if you don't need it.
Playing the highest difficult level, which you can afford.

2. choose the weapon you want to craft

click Advanced Filter
click tab rare
select Weapon (One-Handed, Two-Handed, Ranged)
select training
click on column req until it's sorted from high to low

=> then you have all lev 70 weapons which you can craft really easy
Now choose one of these weapons, which you want to start.

Look into the column of the level of the blacksmith.

3. Play the adventure mode at highest level you can afford and do the bountys
You should pick up every item and salvage it at the blacksmith if you don't need it.
Play aslong as you have a minimum of 120 Reusable Parts, 190 Arcane Dust and 150 Veiled Crystal and a minimum of 10 Death's Breath. If you want to craft a class specific item like a daibo, fist Weapon or ranged weapon you need some more death breath.

4.  level your blacksmith to the required level of the blacksmith.
Therefore you need some of your Death Breath, but don't spent all for leveling the blacksmith if you have reached the required level, you need it later. Later in the game process you will have enough Death Breath to level your blacksmith.

5. craft your choosed weapon until you get one or two (depends who much you need) with following 4 primary stats

x-y damage
core stat (strength, intellect, dexterity)
socket or +x% damage or increased attack speed  (if your class / skills profit from attack speed)
4th random primary stat

If you are unlucky you must farm and craft more by playing the game.

6. level your mystic

7. Enchant your crafted weapons

We want
+x% damage or increased attack speed

Therefore we must enchant our 4th random primary stat.

Everytime you enchant an item again it costs more gold. So if we don't get our expected result until the goldcosts reach 150k, we stop it and craft a new item.
For enchanting a weapon we need many Death's Breath.

To get Death's Breath you must kill elites, you can get it by playing the game the usual way or can explicit farm for it. How you can explicit farm it can you find in this guide.

Only at the start of the game you will have a high demand for Death's Breath. Later you find enough by playing the game and killing more elites at higher difficulty.

7. Socket your Weapon with Marquies Emerald
(or Marquise Ruby, depends on class & skills, but most will take the Emerald)

You find this gems by playing the game. In higher difficulty you will find Imperial gems.
If you have enough gold, you can spent your gold in upgrading your gems, but I recommend to do it later and always safe some money.

8. You can transmogrification your weapon
If you want you can change the look of your weapon with trannsmogrification at the mystic. It will only cost some gold.

The weapon is finished and it should look like mine.
These are good starting weapons for your first lev 70 hero.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Death's Breath Farming Guide - Optimised Skills for Barbarian

Only at the start of the game you will have a high demand for Death's Breath. Later you find enough by playing the game and killing more elites at higher difficulty. So this guides will help you at the start of the game if you want farm explicit Deaht's Breath. Later after you have better gear there will be not such a high demand until Blizzard change anything. :)

Information about drop rate and other crafting materials you can find here.

Death's Breath can be obtained by killing elites.
Therefore we need a spot with a fast and easy killable elite at the highest difficulty level.

1. Start Campaign Mode Act 1 - Quest 6.2 Speak with Alaric - at normal difficult
2. Go into Festering Woods
3. Search for "Warriors Rest"
4. Teleport to town and leave game

Now start game again at higher difficulty.
I suggest a minimum of Torment I, also with bad starting gear.
You can optimize your skills only for this one elite pack.

1. Take TP to Warriors Rest
2. Kill elite pack with optimized skills.
3. Pick up all items.
4. Teleport to town.
5. Leave game and repeat.

Optimized Skillset for Barbarian with starting gear!hYXe!cYcZYb

L - Frenzy - Maniac
If you have surviving problems you can use smite for stun.
R - Avalanche - Tetonic Rift
If you have surviving problems you can use Glacier for freeze.
1 - Leap - Death from Above
To Jump into the elite pack.
2 - Wrath of the Berserker - Insanity
damage and immun to imparing effects
3 - Earthquake - Molten Fury
aoe damage
4 - Warcry - Invigorate
for better survival

P1 - Unforgiving
P2 - Weapons Master
P3 - Berserker Rage
P4 - Superstition

There are many useful skills. You can experiment by yourself what fits you best.

My gameplay:

Warcry and run until I see elite pack.
Jump into elite pack.
Activate Wrath of the Berserker.
Frenzy to full fury.
Use Jump again.
Use Avalanche and Earthquake.
Then use Jump if I must escape or need a stun to survive.
Finish elite pack with frenzy.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

D3 ROS Crafting Items

There were a great change for crafting materials / Items.

I will introduce the new crafting materials (lev70).
These materials are essential for crafting items with the blacksmith.
All these crafting materials stack to 1000 and are account bound. Therefore you must farm it by your own.

Following items can be obtained by salvaging items. (Destroying Items with the blacksmith)

Reusable Parts
White and grey items with an item level of 61-70 will yield 7-10 Reusable Parts.

Arcane Dust
Blue (magic) items with an item level of 61-70 will yield 1-4 Arcane Dust.

Veiled Crystal
Yellow (rare) items with an item level of 61-70 will yiel 1 Veiled Crystal.

Forgotten Soul
Orange (epic) items with an item level of 61-70 will yield 1 Forgotten Soul.

Following item can only be obtained by killing elites.

Death's Breath
Death's Breath can be obtained by killing elites. They are the lev70 version of demonic essence. Their drop rate depends on the difficulty as you can see below. Death's Breath is used for crafting, for enchanting with the mystic and for leveling up your artisans.

  • Normal - 15%
  • Hard - 18%
  • Expert - 21%
  • Master - 25%
  • Torment 1 - 31%
  • Torment 2 - 37%
  • Torment 3 - 44%
  • Torment 4 - 53%
  • Torment 5 - 64%
  • Torment 6 - 77%

There are further special epic crafting materials which can be obtaiend by killing elites. They are needed to craft legendary or set items.

Further guides how to farm specific crafting materials will follow.

I also added gems to crafting materials, because they are also important for enchanting.
More information about ROS gems here.

Tazeon Diablo 3 Blog is now back again!

I started to play on the weekend and my short conclusion. This game makes fun again.
Leveling to 70 goes fast and if you don't spent all your freetime with diablo3 you will be happy for a long time with d3 ros, because there is so much todo.

Therefore I don't spent all my computer time with d3 ros.

I started to level my barbarian to lev 70 with the act5 campaign mode. Nothing special with the campaign which amazed me. Now I'm playing the adventure mode on very low difficult. If you don't have good gear it real is funny to find new items and get sometimes improvement in a very short period of time.

I'm playing an unusal skill combination, but if I have fun and can kill monsters without slow my group to much down, it's okay for me. My first goal with the barbarian is to get gear that I can play Torment I solo with the skills I like. Then I will level other charakters or test the crusader.

My first guide will be a starter guide - whats usful to craft and farm at the start to get an acceptable equipment. Because there are so many different things to do like bounty runs, rifts, ros hellfire ring, campaign, crafting, enchanting,...