Thursday, May 23, 2013

I'm back again

It seems, that I can't focus a longer period of time on Diablo III, after some weeks of playing it doesn't make fun anymore and like work, but after a break I'm back again.

I don't know for how long I will be back, but if I play Diablo III I have aims and focus on some projects.

The last patch 1.0.8 was great for playing in a group and that makes the most fun for me now.

I'm still playing my barbarian. He is now plvl 64 and I play mp 8-10 with my 2 hand Keyfarmer build. I will make a post about my current updated build in the next days.

My gear isn't great, but I can farm mp 9 solo in an acceptable speed. I will not upgrade my barbarian's gear, because I will level him to plvl 75 or 80 and then I will focus on my monk. My monk doesn't have any gear now. 5 plvl per week would be fine. We will see if I can achieve my aim.

Beside of playing Diablo III I try to go earlier to bed and do some sports activity (like running) in the early morning.

If you want play Diablo III with me on the european server leave a comment, I need more acitve friends on my list to fill my groups.

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