Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2 Hand Cleaver (Barbarian)

This is an update guide from my keyfarmer build which I'm using now to farm mp 8-10.

To farm on high monster power you need enough survivability, damage and life return. One cheap method is to use the skill Rend with Blood Lust and Rend works at the best with a 2hand weapon, this leads us to following skill set.!ZYV!YZbZcc

Skill Set

Cleave (Broad Sweep)
Rend (Blood Lust)
Overpower (Crushing Advance)
Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity) or Hammer of the Ancients (Smash)
Battle Rage (Bloodshed)
War Cry (Impunity)

Battle Rage *** Bloodshed ***
Critical hits have a chance to cause an explosion of blood dealing 20% of the damage done to all other nearby enemies.

With the latest update of the monster density, this is my prefered rune for this build, because we allready deal a big amount of aoe damage with cleave and with Bloodshed this could be really amazing versus very big groups.

Additional information about skills you can find in the old guide.


Weapons Master

Blood Thirst or Superstition or Nerves of Steel or Tough as Nails


Weapon Skorn
best 2hand weapon ingame

Skorn should have
high dps (>1200),
high strength (>320) and
high critical hit damage (>160)

If you have more money to spent, then we will look for more dps and the +1 random magic properties. The most useful and also most expensive are following properties.

*) Damage Dealt is converted to Life
*) additional Strength
*) Vitality

This is my skorn with additional Vitality.

Mighty Belt Immortal King's Tribal Binding
The belt should have "Increases Cleave Damage by 13-14%."

Ring Stone of Jordan
Increased damage against elites should be very high. (25-30%)
Increased cleave damage should be 12%. (maximum)

2 pieces Immortal King's Set
These are mandatory for very cheap 60 resistance to all elements.
For a starting gear set I can recommend Helm, Belt and / or Boots.

24% Movement Speed
Here you can find all information, how you get 24% ms.

Critical Hit
is the most important offensive Stat.

minimum of 40.000 life.

All Resistance
minimum of 400 all resistance without shout

Damage (Charakter Screen)
minimum of 90.000 damage without buffs

Also look for part II of my old guide, there you can see with which gear I started to farm keys.


First you want to gather as much monsters as possible. To surivive during gathering the monster apply rend on them. If you have gathered enough monsters use overpower and apply rend again. Then you start to spam cleave, use overpower when ready and apply rend again if necessary.

What's the magic behind Cleave and Bloodshed?
Your cleave damage is increased by your Belt and Ring. ~ +25% more cleave damage
If you are surrounded by ~20 monsters, you will hit about 7 or more monsters with one cleave.
With 40% critical hit chance, 2-3 hits are critical. These crits cause +300% more damage.
Most monsters around you will now also take 20% of the critical hit damage for every critical hit.
So it will be very easy to melt very big groups of monsters.

So the bigger the group so much better for you, if you can surive the start of the fight.

Against single target (elites) we lack damage compared to other builds, but we have WotB (Insanity)or HotA (Smash). I prefer WotB because it helps against controll impairing effects. If the elites don't have ranged attacks, you can also pull them into the next bigger group of monsters.

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