Monday, January 14, 2013

Goals until patch 1.0.7

Until patch 1.0.7 I hope there will be enough time to reach my goals.
I'm estimating a minimum of 4 weeks until the patch will be released.

Goal #1 - Paragon Level 60

My barbarian is now Paragon Level 47 with 72% experience for the next level. My goal is to reach Paragon Level 60 until release of the patch.
Therefore I need a total amount of 1.031 M experience  (36,8 M / day)
This should be doable also if I'm not playing on every day and not only farming experience. I will post regular updates if I'm in my plan or not.

These are my keydata to controll my progress:

DateParagon Levelgoal %

Goal #2 - Crafting Hellfire Rings

Crafting as much Hellfire Rings as possible for my barbarian. For this goal I'm a little bite prepared. I still have some organs and keys on stock.
My current hellfire ring has
175 strength
29 max damage
6% ias

I hope I'm lucky and get a much more better ring than this one.

Goal #3 - Having a plan for upgrading my gear and new goals for the next patch

Goal #4 - Save and increase my gold to finance my upgrade plans

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