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Uberboss Stun Build

This barbarian build is for killing the ubers and helping to controll them with stuns. You can wear your normal gear which provides most damage and most survibility. Two 1hand weapons would be more optimal then a 2hand weapon, because of the faster attack speed.

 If you must increase your damage you should buy following weapon. "The Three Hundredth Spear"
High damage, a socket and high weapon throw damage would be ideal.

A further item to increase your damage would be a Stone of Jordan with 30% increased damage against elites. Reduced Weapon Throw fury cost is only useful if you also have a belt with reduced weapon throw fury cost otherwise it would be counter productive. You should have a total of 8 or 9 reduced fury cost. If you have 10 it won't work and your weapon throw will cost 10 fury and not 0 fury as estimated.



Skill #1 (Left Mouse)
Weapon Throw (Throwing Hammer)

Skill #2 (Right Mouse)
Ancient Spear (Dread Spear)

Skill #3 (1)
Overpower (Crushing Advance)

Skill #4 (2)
Wrath of the Berserker (Thrive on Chaos)

Skill #5 (3)
Battle Rage (Into the Fray)

Skill #6 (4)
War Cry (Impunity)

Passiv #1

Passiv #2
Weapons Master

Passiv #3
No Escape

Skill Calculator

Alternative if you have 8 or 9 reduced fury cost for weapon throw.
You can change Battle Rage rune into Marauder's Rage or Bloodshed for more damage or 3rd Passiv No Escape for a defensive passiv.

If you have reduced fury cost for weapon throw and battle rage (into the fray) and no escape you will gain to much fury and you must spent it with spamming battle rage, because if you are at full rage you won't get enough rage for keeping wrath of the berserker all the time.

Ancient Spear is for the start of the fight to get rage and later to heal yourself.
Overpower is your defensive button.


King Leoric and Mahgda
The difficult's encounter on high monster power.

Two Strategies
1. All focus King Leoric

2. You stun Mahgda. All other stay on King Leoric and kill the skeletons, which are summoned by him, because they could be a problem for you. It's very important that you don't damage Mahgda to much or she will be immune and summon her adds. Sure you can damage her lower then 75%, but then you should cordinate it with your team mates, that they help you to kill her summoned adds as fast as possible.

Siege Breaker and Zoltun Kulle
Two Strategies
1. A melee or a well geared cm wizard tank Siege Breaker on the left or right side of the room. You and the other group members focus and kill Zoltun Kulle. Your stuns will help your group and especially your ranged partners to stay alive againts Zoltun Kulle.

2. You tank Siege Breaker on the left or right side of the room. The other group members focus and kill Zoltun Kulle. If you have problems with tanking Siege Breaker, you can wear a shield and/or use a loh weapon in your second slot. Damage should not be your assignment as long as Zoltun Kulle is alive.

Keep in mind, that you don't stun Siege Breaker if he grasps one of your team mates, because he won't let him free if you stun him during your team mate is grasped.

Ghom and Raknoth
This is the easiest encounter. Just focus with all other group members ghom, but if your group will move him out of the cloud you must switch to Raknoth. Other tactic is that you stay all time on Raknoth. Only problem for you are the small adds, which should be killed by your group members aoe damage.

Barbarian Guide Overview

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