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Keyfarmer (Barbarian) - Part II from II

This is the second part of my guide. Here you can find part I.

We already talked about gear and weapon choices.
Here you can see my Skorn. It was cheap, but it's very effective.

Furthermore I wear a Hellfire Ring, IK helm, IK belt, IK boots and Tyrael's Might.

I have following stats unbuffed without follower

Charakter Screen Damage: 93.939
Life 45.115
Armor 5.172 (63,29%)
All Resistance 542
Life Steal 2.9%

Strength: 1.960
Vitality: 1.143
critical hit chance 48,5 %
critical hit damage 436%

Keywarden - Act I - Farming Route

Startquest: 9. The Imprisoned Angel - The Cursed Hold

Waypoint: The Festering Woods
2 Elite Packs inside Warrior's Rest and Crypt of the Ancients

1-2 Elite Packs in the Festering Woods

Waypoint: Leoric's Manor
running back
1-2 Elite Packs outside

Waypoint: Cemetry of the Forsaken
1-2 Elite Packs inside the Defiled Crypts

Waypoint: Fields of Misery
This area is big and the Keywarden can be everywhere.



Keywarden - Act II - Farming Route

Startquest: 8. The Black Soulstone - Soulstone Chamber

Preparation: Get Checkpoint in Vault of Assasin 
You can find it in Desolate Sands, therefore use low Monster Power and use Sprint to find it. Get checkpoint then change skills and leave game and start your farming session on higher Monster Power.

Start Checkpoint Vault of Assasin
4-5 Elite Packs

Waypoint: Road to Alcarnus
1-2 Elite Pack in Alcarnus (Alternative if you don't get 5 Nephalem Valor Buffs)

Waypoint: Path to the Oasis
Start your run from the sout of the Dahlgur Oasis.

Keywarden - Act III - Farming Route

Startquest: 7. Heart of Sin - Kill Azmodan

Waypoint: The Core of Arreat
2-3 Elite Packs

Waypoint: Tower of the Damned Level 1
run in a circle back to the waypoint
1-2 Elite Packs

Waypoint: The Bridge of Korsikk
this area could be a little bit harder. If you have problems use next step.
2-3 Elite Packs

Waypoint: The Keep Depths Level 1
going down to Level 2
2-3 Elite Packs

Waypoint: Stonefort

Barbarian Guide Overview

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