Friday, June 8, 2012

DH Gold Find Guide Part VI - My GF Demon Hunter

This post is about my female Demon Hunter "May" in her gold find gear. It's all dyed with Purity Dye (color = white).

261% gf from gear

Helm 17
Gem 23
Shoulder 25
Chest 18
Gloves 23
Bracers 20
Belt 17
Pants 14
Boots 16
Quiver 18
Amulet 40
Ring 1 16
Ring 2 14
Total 261
Follower 15
Ferret Companion 10
Total 286
Nephalem Valor Buff 75
Total 361

I try to upgrade my pieces to get 300% gf, but only if I find some cheap and good items and furthermore I need one more item with gold pickup radius.

In following pic I missed my belt.

DH Gold Find Guide - Introduction


  1. That's a pretty sweet setup :)Just keep looking and you will the bargains on the AH. As I wrote in my article, GF is a bit undervalued, so you just have to be patient!

  2. Looks like a great setup, but can you make enough per hour for it to be worth it?

  3. Your demon hunter looks cool... reminds me of the Assassin's Creed game.