Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My open beta experience

Sadly, I didn't have much time on the open beta weekend, but it was enough to test my computer how smooth d3 is running and killing the Skeleton King with my Demon Hunter.

Because I played enough Diablo 2 the game play and handling was familiar. Shift + left Mouse Button is very common for the Demon Hunter, but maybe I will switch the Keybind to stand still too space.

Testing the skills from the Demon Hunter was an amazing experience for me, after this long time of waiting. Kiting with Clatrops and killing monsters was real funny.

After finding this shiny hand crossbow the monsters died too fast. This weapon is nothing special, but powerful enough to slash the monsters with hungering arrow and rapid fire.

With lev 8 I reached the Skeleton King. Theses boss fights are so different to diablo2, but I like them.
These are real fights.

The demon hunter is the right choice for my first class and the game feels great.

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