Tuesday, March 6, 2012

MF, GF and +XP bonuses are shared across the group


How does this funciton?
All mf, gf, and + xp bonuses from every player are added  together and divided by the number of players.

for example:
Player A has 100 mf, 60 gf, 0 +xp.
Player B has 0 mf, 0 gf, 300 +xp.
Player C has 800 mf, 0 gf, 0 +xp.

The group sum mf, gf, xp is 900 mf, 60 gf, 300 +xp, divided by 3.
300 mf, 20 gf, 100 +xp for player A, B and C.

If we play solo with a follower you get 20% of the followers mf, gf and +xp. More basic about followers, you can find here.

What does this mean for us?
 I see positiv opportunities in this change.

  • Leeching isn't anymore possible. All player in the group have the same amount of mf, gf and xp. So everyone won't neglect their own killing power. If you don't have the best or any mf or gf gear, public games are a good chance to do farm runs.
  • If you have very good mf / gf gear (gear with a high amount of mf / gf and also offensive and defensive affixes), solo farm runs are more profitable then public games or you find other players with equal gear and group together for better farm runs.
  • New opportunities for easy multiboxing in d3. See this post.

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