Thursday, March 1, 2012

Demon Hunter guide preview

I want to release a demon hunter guide, which will be announced after I have enough release experience. At the moment I'm working at basic information, which are already known in the beta. My demon hunter guide should contain one or more following topics.

Solo gold find
Solo farming (Magic Find) in Hell / Inferno
Effective group play in Inferno (Magic find runs)

What's my motive for writing this blog / guide?

First of all I want to be prepared as good as possible for the release of diablo 3. This is important to have a small head start for playing the gold and real money auction house.
My first class will be a demon hunter. I always liked farming in diablo 2 and wow, so I will also have fun with farming in diablo 3 in addition to playing the auction house.

At the moment I have the idea to build a concept for of a solo gold find demon hunter. I like the idea of solo farming, because you are independent and can rush as fast as possible and make breaks when you need it. Also solo play have a big advantage because you must abandon only on yourself and your follower which plays a big role in solo play. Furthermore I like the idea of the ferret companion which collects all the gold for me.

Some thoughts from me about a solo gold find demon hunter you can find in this comment.

But maybe I'm wrong and solo magic find runs will be much more better, all the knowledge which I'm getting now for this first concept will help me for any further ideas and nobody can steal this knowledge.

Because I try to get as much information as possible, I want to write down my ideas and information for others and myself. From time to time I'll post some ideas and content for this guide.

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