Sunday, January 13, 2013

Patch Notes 1.0.7 Preview

You can find the hole patch 1.0.7preview here.

I will comment the most intersting parts.

Not directly in the patch preview, but from the forums.

NV stacks will presist across acts.

I don't think that there will be new and more effective farming routes then in act 3, but there will be new possibilities for diversification.

New acount bound Crafting Recipes and Crafting Items.
Account-bound crafting reagent called Demonic Essence, which drops from Elite monsters in Inferno.
Recipes drop randomly in the world or from bosses.

More account bound crafting items is very good to get a feeling of a success after farming for hours. A new goal to farm, not only for exp or the lucky 100 million drop. The %chance todrop Demonic Essence increaes with higher monster power, this will lead to more players farming on higher monster power and will be looking for cheap and effective farming builds on higher monster power, like my keyfarmer.

New gems quality "The Marquise"
cost 3 Radiant Star gems, 20 million, 1 Demonic Essence
The design will drop randomyl from lev63 monsters
 Further option to improve your charakter and spent your money.

Monster power in public games
 For me it will not make public games more interesting.

More Experience Bonuses in Inferno on higher Monster Power

 This will lead that most players will try to play on higher monster power and not farming on mp 0-2, because it is now the most effective method to farm experience and items. This also makes farming in a group more attractiv then until now. I'm welcome you to farm with me together on EU Server! :)

We're also increasing the base pickup radius by a small amount.
 Good thing if you play with 0 pick up radius. I don't do this, but I like this small change a lot.

We're removing the incrementing resurrection timer on consecutives deaths.
It will now be a flat 5 seconds in Softcore.
Nice change,  waiting for 30 seconds after dieing several times in a row, because you pulled 2 elite packs at once is very annoying.

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