Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Words created! Loot 2.0, Paragon 2.0

With the new expansion Reaper of Souls there many interesting changes, which we know so far.

Loot 2.0

•Less items will drop in comparison to D3 Vanilla.

•Vanilla farming run would give 256 normal, 399 magic, 275 rares and 1 legendary item, in Reaper of Souls the same run would give 73 normal, 266 magic, 83 rare and 6 legendary items!

•White items will be useful as a new crafting reagent.

•Smart Drop is a system which gives each item a chance that its affix rolls will be focused on the class currently being played.

•From some of the items seen (3k DPS and 300+ mainstat weapons), the new Level 70 items will have more potential and (eventually) overpower all current Level 63 Affix Items.

•All Legendaries can roll at all levels (with power/affixes and level requirement that match that level).

•Legendary will be build-changers, by drastically changing particular skills.

Paragon 2.0

•The Paragon system has had a huge overhaul. It is no longer per-character, but account wide

•Instead of the current bonuses your account gains 1 Paragon Point per level to spend on different stats

•No longer has a cap

•Stats are separated into Core (Str, Dex, Int, Vit), Attack (Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction), Defense (Health %, Resist All, Armor, Dodge %, Block Chance %) and Utility (Run Speed, Magic Find, Gold Pickup Radius)

•Paragon Points can be respecced

•Each Paragon Level adds one paragon point to all your characters. You can distribute them differently for each character

•Retroactively Paragon Points will be determined by your overall experience gained so far, not the sum of your Paragon level number for your characters

•Paragon levels are separate for Normal and Hardcore modes

•Dying in Hardcore does not take away from your earned Paragon Points

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Diablo 3 Expansion: Reaper of Souls

Let's hope for a better game and that the fun and the good old times come back!

We all have a dream :)

Here you get all information which you need.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Diablo III for XBox 360 and PS3

Today Diablo III is out for the console XBox 360 and PS3.


I'm not a console player and as the announced that D3 will be playable on console I thought that's stupid, but I hope for sucess, because this can help that the improve the game in a way which let us all have more fun and for a longer period of time.

I'm only playing D3 for very few hours and hope for better times.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What's wrong with Diablo 3?

I like this game, but something is really wrong with this game.

I had several comebacks, every time with goals, but I can't keep the longtime motivation to play this game for a longer period of time.

Is it me or is it the game?
I played Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft and Starcraft for several hours a day and a very long time, but Diabo 3 isn't the same for me. Some evenings I play this game for some hours, but then I have enough from it. There is nothing which motivates me to play this game continously for a longer period of time.

At the moment I'm playing Bloodbowl.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Barbarian Paragon Level 70

Finally I reached Paragon lev 70 with my barbarian, until next week I hope I can reach lev 75.
I think with lev 80 I will change my gem in my head from a ruby to an amethyst and with lev 90 I will change my hellfire ring, if I have enough gold to buy another good ring.

I also equipped my Monk and already played a little bit with my monk.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2 Hand Cleaver (Barbarian)

This is an update guide from my keyfarmer build which I'm using now to farm mp 8-10.

To farm on high monster power you need enough survivability, damage and life return. One cheap method is to use the skill Rend with Blood Lust and Rend works at the best with a 2hand weapon, this leads us to following skill set.!ZYV!YZbZcc

Skill Set

Cleave (Broad Sweep)
Rend (Blood Lust)
Overpower (Crushing Advance)
Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity) or Hammer of the Ancients (Smash)
Battle Rage (Bloodshed)
War Cry (Impunity)

Battle Rage *** Bloodshed ***
Critical hits have a chance to cause an explosion of blood dealing 20% of the damage done to all other nearby enemies.

With the latest update of the monster density, this is my prefered rune for this build, because we allready deal a big amount of aoe damage with cleave and with Bloodshed this could be really amazing versus very big groups.

Additional information about skills you can find in the old guide.


Weapons Master

Blood Thirst or Superstition or Nerves of Steel or Tough as Nails


Weapon Skorn
best 2hand weapon ingame

Skorn should have
high dps (>1200),
high strength (>320) and
high critical hit damage (>160)

If you have more money to spent, then we will look for more dps and the +1 random magic properties. The most useful and also most expensive are following properties.

*) Damage Dealt is converted to Life
*) additional Strength
*) Vitality

This is my skorn with additional Vitality.

Mighty Belt Immortal King's Tribal Binding
The belt should have "Increases Cleave Damage by 13-14%."

Ring Stone of Jordan
Increased damage against elites should be very high. (25-30%)
Increased cleave damage should be 12%. (maximum)

2 pieces Immortal King's Set
These are mandatory for very cheap 60 resistance to all elements.
For a starting gear set I can recommend Helm, Belt and / or Boots.

24% Movement Speed
Here you can find all information, how you get 24% ms.

Critical Hit
is the most important offensive Stat.

minimum of 40.000 life.

All Resistance
minimum of 400 all resistance without shout

Damage (Charakter Screen)
minimum of 90.000 damage without buffs

Also look for part II of my old guide, there you can see with which gear I started to farm keys.


First you want to gather as much monsters as possible. To surivive during gathering the monster apply rend on them. If you have gathered enough monsters use overpower and apply rend again. Then you start to spam cleave, use overpower when ready and apply rend again if necessary.

What's the magic behind Cleave and Bloodshed?
Your cleave damage is increased by your Belt and Ring. ~ +25% more cleave damage
If you are surrounded by ~20 monsters, you will hit about 7 or more monsters with one cleave.
With 40% critical hit chance, 2-3 hits are critical. These crits cause +300% more damage.
Most monsters around you will now also take 20% of the critical hit damage for every critical hit.
So it will be very easy to melt very big groups of monsters.

So the bigger the group so much better for you, if you can surive the start of the fight.

Against single target (elites) we lack damage compared to other builds, but we have WotB (Insanity)or HotA (Smash). I prefer WotB because it helps against controll impairing effects. If the elites don't have ranged attacks, you can also pull them into the next bigger group of monsters.

Friday, May 24, 2013

My Monk's Shopping List

Because I must gear my monk for inferno I made a shopping list.
In the first step I want very cheap Items, so the random stats must not be perfect and are not this important.

Inna's Radiance
2 random stats
all resistance, dex/vit, resistance

Vile Ward
2 random stats
dex/vit, resistance

Inna's Chest
1 random stat
all resistance, resistance, dex/vit

Inna's Temeperance
1 random stat
vit, all resistance, dex/vit

The Witching Hour
3 random stats
dex, vit, all resistance, resistance

Natalya's Blood Footprints
1 random stat
vit, resistance, dex/vit

Natalya's Reflection
3 random stats
crit, crit damage, average damage, vit, all resistance, resistance

2x Weapons
rare 1H Weapon
> 900 dps
life steal

(crit damage)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

I'm back again

It seems, that I can't focus a longer period of time on Diablo III, after some weeks of playing it doesn't make fun anymore and like work, but after a break I'm back again.

I don't know for how long I will be back, but if I play Diablo III I have aims and focus on some projects.

The last patch 1.0.8 was great for playing in a group and that makes the most fun for me now.

I'm still playing my barbarian. He is now plvl 64 and I play mp 8-10 with my 2 hand Keyfarmer build. I will make a post about my current updated build in the next days.

My gear isn't great, but I can farm mp 9 solo in an acceptable speed. I will not upgrade my barbarian's gear, because I will level him to plvl 75 or 80 and then I will focus on my monk. My monk doesn't have any gear now. 5 plvl per week would be fine. We will see if I can achieve my aim.

Beside of playing Diablo III I try to go earlier to bed and do some sports activity (like running) in the early morning.

If you want play Diablo III with me on the european server leave a comment, I need more acitve friends on my list to fill my groups.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WW / RLTW (Tornado) Basic Guide

There are many players who want to play ww/rltw and don't know the basic about this very popular spec. This guide will help you to learn the basics behind this playstyle.

How does this build work?
We generate fury with critical hits with Battle Rage (Into the Fray).
Further for the start and for situations if we have 0 rage we use bash to generate enough fury.
We should use sprint everytime. With the rune Rune like the Wind (RLTW)  we create tornados behind us. Tornados are the main source for our damage.
We can do the maximum damage with Tornados if we can create them in the middle of a group of monsters and therefore we use Wirlwind (WW) with rune Hurricane.

Skill Calculator

The last skill is free for Overpower or War Cry, depneding on what you need.
War Cry - Impunity
Overpower - Crushing Advance
Overpower - Killing Spree
Overpower - Momentum

The last passive skill is also free. Bloodthirst or Unforgiving are the most common 3rd passives.

To make this build work on your favour you must play aggressive with no breaks You must spending your fury, that you can generate new fury which is important to maintain Wrath of the Berserker (WotB), but at the end of the fight you should have a full fury bar to sprint to the next group of monsterst and to start whirl around.

As already mentioned our main source for our damage are Tornados.

Tornadoes do 20% main hand weapon damage per tick.
When dual-wielding, tornado tick frequency depends on the attacks per second (aps) of the last weapon swing before using Sprint.
This means only the mainhand dps is important. We can use offhands with very low dps.
We only use our offhand for bash or ww and we only use this skill to generate fury or to positon our tornados.

Further information about our Tornados.

Charakter screeen dps is never important if you play ww/rltw. You must use a tool like this.

Profile Import
Skill Damage

Then you get this:

Note this dps.
Then change your gear in the calculator. Calculate again and compare it with your current dps.

Weapon choices
There are 3 different weapon choices for mainhand (MH) and offhand (OH).
Echoing Fury is a very good weapon, because of the additional attacks per second, but if you wear it in your mainhand it must have low fear or you loose too much real damage, which isn't shown in any calculation. Also a Stone of Jordan with cold damage helps to negate the fear effect.

1. MH: Echoing Fury + OH: fast weapon
Echoing Fury with high dps, low fear and socket, (if you can afford with strength and critical hit damage or ls)
Fast weapon (dagger) with loh or ls, critical hit damage, socket.

2. MH: mace + OH: Echoing Fury
Mace with very high dps and socket
Echoing Fury with socket and critical hit damage or ls and with high +attacks per second (0,25 aps is maximum)

3. MH: mace + OH: fast weapon
Mace with very high dps and socket
Fast weapon (dagger) with loh or ls, critical hit damage, socket.

How to get life back? Lifesteal (LS) or Life on Hit (LoH)
Lifesteal is dependant on your damage.
Life on Hit is dependant on your amount of attacks.

This means with low damage you should focus on LoH on your gear and with higher damage LS works better.

A good guide for this you can find here or use

Critical hit chance
Critical hit chance is the most important stat. Without this, this build can't work.

Many people believe with 24% movementspeed (ms) you will spawn a 5th Tornado, but this is not guaranteed. A 5th Tornado can spawn with 0% ms and it can also fail to spawn with 24% ms and wotb up.

But movementspeed is one of the most important stats for farming. Therefore I recommend it.
How you get 24% ms, you find here.

Pickup Radius
Because if we can't loose to much time with traveling back to pick up gold, there are only 2 solutions. We let the gold on the ground or we have a higher pickup radius.

Barbarian Guide Overview

Friday, January 18, 2013

Progress - My goals until patch 1.0.7

Today I want inform you about my progress mentioned my goals until patch 1.0.7.
Paragon Progress

My aim
DateParagon Level

I played more hours then estimateted and used my time effective.
At the Weekend I don't have this much time.
I reached Paragon Level 51 and have allready 30% expierence of the next level.

Hellfire Ring

I crafted 5 Hellfire Rings. I got a good upgrade. This ring is an increase of 5500 damage for me.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Goals until patch 1.0.7

Until patch 1.0.7 I hope there will be enough time to reach my goals.
I'm estimating a minimum of 4 weeks until the patch will be released.

Goal #1 - Paragon Level 60

My barbarian is now Paragon Level 47 with 72% experience for the next level. My goal is to reach Paragon Level 60 until release of the patch.
Therefore I need a total amount of 1.031 M experience  (36,8 M / day)
This should be doable also if I'm not playing on every day and not only farming experience. I will post regular updates if I'm in my plan or not.

These are my keydata to controll my progress:

DateParagon Levelgoal %

Goal #2 - Crafting Hellfire Rings

Crafting as much Hellfire Rings as possible for my barbarian. For this goal I'm a little bite prepared. I still have some organs and keys on stock.
My current hellfire ring has
175 strength
29 max damage
6% ias

I hope I'm lucky and get a much more better ring than this one.

Goal #3 - Having a plan for upgrading my gear and new goals for the next patch

Goal #4 - Save and increase my gold to finance my upgrade plans

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Patch Notes 1.0.7 Preview

You can find the hole patch 1.0.7preview here.

I will comment the most intersting parts.

Not directly in the patch preview, but from the forums.

NV stacks will presist across acts.

I don't think that there will be new and more effective farming routes then in act 3, but there will be new possibilities for diversification.

New acount bound Crafting Recipes and Crafting Items.
Account-bound crafting reagent called Demonic Essence, which drops from Elite monsters in Inferno.
Recipes drop randomly in the world or from bosses.

More account bound crafting items is very good to get a feeling of a success after farming for hours. A new goal to farm, not only for exp or the lucky 100 million drop. The %chance todrop Demonic Essence increaes with higher monster power, this will lead to more players farming on higher monster power and will be looking for cheap and effective farming builds on higher monster power, like my keyfarmer.

New gems quality "The Marquise"
cost 3 Radiant Star gems, 20 million, 1 Demonic Essence
The design will drop randomyl from lev63 monsters
 Further option to improve your charakter and spent your money.

Monster power in public games
 For me it will not make public games more interesting.

More Experience Bonuses in Inferno on higher Monster Power

 This will lead that most players will try to play on higher monster power and not farming on mp 0-2, because it is now the most effective method to farm experience and items. This also makes farming in a group more attractiv then until now. I'm welcome you to farm with me together on EU Server! :)

We're also increasing the base pickup radius by a small amount.
 Good thing if you play with 0 pick up radius. I don't do this, but I like this small change a lot.

We're removing the incrementing resurrection timer on consecutives deaths.
It will now be a flat 5 seconds in Softcore.
Nice change,  waiting for 30 seconds after dieing several times in a row, because you pulled 2 elite packs at once is very annoying.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to get 24% movmentspeed for barbarian?

To solve the problem to reach 24% movement speed (ms) with items, this short guide will help you to find a solution.

There are 4 different item slots which can offer 12% movement speed.

Rare, Set or Legendary Boots with movement speed
(Best Boots would be Ice Climbers with 12% movement speed.)
Bracers - Lacuni Prowlers
Chest - Tyrael's Might
Pants - Inna's Temperance

You can combine them as you want.

The best solution would be
Lacuni Prowlers with crit
Ice Climbers with movement speed
rare Pants
IK Chest

If you can't afford Ice Climbers with movement speed then there are 2 other good good options.

Solution #2
Ice Climbers without movement speed
Lacuni Prowlers
Inna's Temperance with Strength
IK Chest

Solution #3
Rare, Set or Legendary Boots with movement speed
Lacuni Prowlers with crit
IK Chest
rare Pants

If you can't afford good Lacuni Prowlers then there are 3 other options.

Solution #4
Rare, Set or Legendary Boots with movement speed
Tyrael's Might
rare Pants and Bracers

Solution #5
Rare, Set or Legendary Boots with movement speed
Inna's Temperance with Strength
IK Chest
rare Bracers

Solution #6
Ice Climbers without movement speed
Tyrael's Might
Inna's Temperance with Strength
rare Bracers

There are many ohter possible combinations of these items to reach 24% movement speed.
The decison is dependant how good your other gear is and which items you can afford.

I'm playing with following combination:
Tyrael's Might
IK Boots or Flamewalker (dependant what I do)
Rare Pants
Rare Bracers with crit

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Thunder Barbarian (HotA)

This guide is for solo farming on low monster power. The name come from the Rune Thunderstrike or the Rune Rolling Thunder of the skill Hammer of the Ancients. This is a very effectiv and fast playstyle and makes a lot of fun.


Hammer of the Ancients (Thunderstrike)
best choice
cost 20 fury
325% weapon damage - in front of you
1% increased crit for 5 fury you have
Whenever you kill an enemy with HotA, every other enemy within 10y is stunned.

Hammer of the Ancients (Rolling Thunder)
alternative if you have items which reduce  HotA fury costs
cost 20 fury
275% weapon damage 22yards in front of you
1% increased crit for 5 fury you have

Hammer of the Ancients (Birthright)
alternative if you have very good gear and want more drops
cost 20 fury
325% weapon damage - in front of you
1% increased crit for 5 fury you have
Critical hits have a 10% chance to drop treasure or health globes.

This runes work better then rune smash on low monster power, because smash has a lower aoe effect.
Thunderstrike is the best rune.

2nd Skill - Sprint (Marathon)
cost 20 fury
movement speed bonus 50% for 5 sec

You run faster and longer then with the rune run like the wind.

3rd skill - Batle Rage (Into the Fray)
cost 20 fury
increase damage by 15%
critical hit chance 3%
critical hits generate 15 fury

4th skill - Wrath of the Berserker (Thrive on Chaos)
every 25 fury you generate adds 1 second to the duration effect

5th & 6th skill - free to choose
These skills depend on your gear and playstyle.
How much additional defense do you need/want?
How do you want to start the fight if you don't have any fury?
Do you wear any items with reduced hota fury costs?
How much crit do you have and how good can you maintain 100% wotb uptime?

Fury Generator
Bash (Instigation)
WarCry (Charge) - also adds a little bit defense
Overpower (Momentum)

Overpower (Killing Spree)

Overpower (Crushing Advance)
WarCry (Impunity)

My suggestion is get one fury generator and depending on your gear an offensive or defensive skill.

Passiv 1+2
Ruthless + Weapon Master

Passiv 3 - free to choose
These passiv depends on your gear and playstyle and which skills you have choosen as 5th and 6th.

Fury Generator
Unforgiving (I use this)
Animosity - also adds additonal crit if you have a full rage


Tough as Nails
Nerves of Steel

Skill Calculator - Basic Skills
Skill Calculator - Example 1 with Bash + Warcry
Skill Calculator - Example 2 with Overpower + Warcry
Skill Calculattor - My Skills for MP1 with wearing Leoric's Signet and Goldskin

How this build work & Playstyle

For a smooth and fast playstyle we need 2 one-hand weapons.

After generating some fury and activating battle rage our main attack is Hammer of the Ancients (HotA).

HotA costs 20 fury and we will generate 15 fury for every critical hit (18 fury if we have the passive Animosity). This means we need a high critical hit chance and we must hit more then one target most of the time.

Further we can reduce the fury costs by wearing a Stone of Jordan and/or Mara's Kaleidoscope with reduced fury costs for HotA. To reduce the fury cost is not mandatory, but it helps to have an easier start to generate fury.
Furthermore there is to say, that too much fury cost reduction can be counterproductive to maintain Wrath of the Berserker. Then you must spent your fury with spamming Battle Rage or Sprint.

More fury increases our critical hit chance of HotA.
basic 100 fury => +20% crit
We can have a way more max fury with items or passiv Animosity, which will help us a little bit.

High crit hit chance from gear + ruthless 5% + weapon master 10%+ wotb 10% + battle rage 3% + fury 20% + overpower (killing spree) 10%
=> leads to very high critchance (70-100%)

The mechanic that we spent and generate fury in the same time, is the basic to maintan Wrath of the Berserker.
To increase our uptime of Wrath of the Berserker we must attack constantly, therefore we have sprint which helps us with traveling between groups of monsters. Further we must decrease the time to loot, which is often a problem for many players. You can't loot all and you must loot fast to be effective.


We fight with 2x one hand weapons.
The mainhand should be an axe or mace for additonal crit.
Both should have high dps, a socket and critical hit chance and if you can afford strength.
Also an Echoing Fury without critical hit chance is a good option. The %fear doesn't bother us, because most monsters should die with one hit.

24% Movement Speed is for every farming barbarian a must have.

Our belt should have life steal and 15 additional fury.

For Farming exp I suggest Leoric's Signet and a Hellfire Ring.
If you don't farm exp or don't want wear a Leoric's Signet, you should take a rare one with critical hit chance or a Stone of Jordan for reduce fury cost.

Critical Hit Chance is the most important stat after reaching a good amount of Strength, Vitality and All Resistance.

If you have 2 perfect emeralds in your weapons then in the most cases you don't need any additonal critical hit damage to oneshot most monsters. Additional critical hit damage will only increase your charakter screen dps, but not your real dps or your farm speed.

Thats why the 2nd important stat for you will be increased attack speed (ias) to reduce the time where you stand still and attack.

minimum Startgear for MP0

Weapons (Mace or Axe)
800 dps with >60% crit and a socket (best emeralds you can afford)

Gloves, Belt, Helm, Shoes
cheap IK Set Pieces

cheap Tyrael'S Might with Strength and maybe low vitality

cheap Vile Ward with Strength or rare with Vitality, Strength, all resistance

rare with Vitality >190, All Resistance, 2 Socket

rare with critical hit chance >4%, Vitality >120, (Strength)

rare with critical hit chance >9%, Vitality >180, (Strength, Socket)

Ring #1
Your best Hellfire Ring with Strength. If you don't have one now take a rare ring linke ring #2.

Ring #2
rare with critical hit chance >5%, Strength >100, (Socket, Vitality)

Barbarian Guide Overview

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sprint RLTW (Tornado) tick frequency mechanics

I don't like ww&sprint builds as I allready wrote, but I like the math behind this skills.

All reputation for this information go to Nubtro.

There you get all detailed information about this topic. I will only summarize the core of this topic. This topic is very important if you upgrading your weapons or your gear to check if it's an real upgrade.

Very Important:
Tornadoes do 20% main hand weapon damage per tick.
When dual-wielding, tornado tick frequency depends on the attacks per second (aps) of the last weapon swing before using Sprint.

A simplified overview about Sprint RLTW (Tornado) tick frequency


Ticks = total number of ticks over 3 seconds of 1 tornado
aps = Attacks Per Second value

You have to calculate your attacks per second value manually as the ingame character screen is rounding the values and can be misleading when applied to this chart.

Attacks per second formula = ((base weapon aps * weapon IAS) + (attacks per second from legendaries and enchantress)) * (gear IAS + skill IAS + dual wield IAS)

Enchantress's aura only adds 0.03 attacks per second, instead of 3% ias in the tooltip.

Example to calculate APS and Tick frequency

MH: Echoing Fury 1,2 aps + 023 attacks per second
OH: Sword 1,4 aps

Follower Enchantress
12% gear ias
15% dual wield ias

without Berserker
MH: 1,2 + 0,23 + 0,03 = 1,46 * 1,27 = 1,8542 => 18 ticks
OH:  1,4 + 0,23 + 0,03 = 1,66 * 1,27 = 2,1082 => 20 ticks

with Berserker
MH 1,46 * 1,52 = 2,2192 => 20 ticks
OH 1,66 * 1,52 = 2,5232 => 26 ticks

MH with Berserker - 2,2192 aps is very close to the next breakpoint 23 ticks with 2,22223 aps.
how much more ias on gear do we need to increase our ticks with berserker?

2,22223 / 1,46 =  1,522 => 1,522 - 1,52 = 0,02
=>1%  more ias on gear would be enough

Now we have only calculated our tornado tick frequency, but if you want to compare different weapons or switching weapons, we must calculate the weapon damage.

Therefore and for the tick frequency calculation you can use this online calculator